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Warranty by Cabinet Painting Experts

Cabinet Painting Experts offers a five-year warranty for the quality of our workmanship. If you find any issues attributable to our painting process, please get in touch with us. You can email us at or call (289) 847-1074.

After we complete the painting, your cabinets need 14 days to achieve total durability. It’s crucial to allow this period for the paint to be fully set. If you disregard this waiting period, it may void your warranty.

For your warranty to be valid:

  • Ensure you’ve settled the complete payment to Cabinet Painting Experts.
  • Hold onto the original contract and the payment receipt.
  • Adhere to the guidelines on cleaning and caring for your cabinets.

If the paint deteriorates due to our oversight, we commit to rectifying the affected areas without charging for labour.


We promise to rectify areas where the paint starts peeling or blistering. However, this warranty does not cover damages like prominent chips or scratches, possibly from mishandling or accidents.

For five years, we offer to repaint movable cabinet components like doors or drawers, if needed, in our workshop.

For any repairs to be covered under warranty, the items should be explicitly mentioned in the final invoice. We won’t cover damages or imperfections present before our painting process.

The warranty predominantly covers our labour. However, there might be separate costs for paint and primer. It’s your responsibility to provide the necessary materials for any repairs.

For fixed cabinets or components, we will supply touch-up paint. However, these are outside the main warranty’s scope.

Wood panel doors tend to expand and shrink as humidity changes, which can cause minor cracks at the joints. This is natural and, thus, isn’t covered by our warranty.

Repairs are restricted to the affected areas and align with the initial work order’s description.

Certain unpredictable factors might affect the outcome. For this reason, our labor warranty is time-bound from the item delivery date unless stated otherwise in writing.

Warranty Duration:

  • 5 Years: For painting finished wood cabinets in good condition
  • 3 Years: For painting unfinished wood.
  • 6  Months: For surfaces like Thermo-Foil, vinyl, melamine, or surfaces showing excessive wear or contamination.

Please note: This warranty is exclusively for the original client and can’t be passed on.


  • Jobs using customer-provided paint unless agreed upon in writing.
  • Previously painted cabinets.
  • Explicitly mentioned non-guaranteed areas in the proposal.
  • Moisture-affected areas.
  • Mold or fungus from natural causes.
  • Work unpaid within seven days of completion.
  • Plastic and galvanized metal surfaces.
  • Naturally occurring mildew.
  • Decayed wood.
  • Everyday usage wear and tear.
  • Cabinets stained by chemicals, foods, etc. that affect the paint’s longevity.
  • Overly contaminated or greasy surfaces.
  • Caulking.

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