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Subcontractor Program For Cabinet Painting

Your Perfect Painting Partner: Our Subcontracting Program!

Hey, fellow painters!

So, you’ve got a painting company and are wondering how you can make your projects even smoother? We’ve got your back! Let’s introduce you to our amazing Subcontracting Program, designed especially for companies like yours.

What’s The Deal?

When painting kitchen cabinets, we know there are two main parts: the onsite painting (like the frames and surrounding areas) and the offsite painting (the doors and drawers). That’s where our partnership comes into play!

We’ll handle all the offsite spray painting of the doors and drawers at our specialized facility. That way, you and your team can focus on the onsite painting without juggling too many tasks. Simply put, we divide and conquer!

Why Team Up With Us?

1. Expertise: We’ve got years of experience in spray painting doors and drawers. Our team ensures a flawless finish every single time.

2. Efficiency: While we handle the offsite painting, your crew can focus on getting the onsite work done. This speeds up the entire project!

3. Equipment: Spray painting requires specific equipment, and not to brag, but we’ve got the best in the business. You won’t need to invest in costly tools or gear.

4. Space Savers: Don’t worry about finding a place to spray paint doors and drawers. We’ve got a dedicated space to ensure no overspray or mess.

5. Cost-Effective: By teaming up with us, you save money in the long run. No need to train your crew for specialized spray painting or buy extra equipment.

6. Happy Customers: With our combined efforts, projects finish faster and look better. Your customers will surely be impressed with the efficiency and results!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple!

  1. Reach Out: Let us know when you have a cabinet painting project.
  2. Coordination: We’ll sync up on the details and timelines.
  3. Painting Time: You handle the onsite painting, and we take care of the offsite doors and drawers spray painting.
  4. Deliver and Impress: Once painted, we’ll get the doors and drawers back to you for installation, leaving your clients in awe of their revamped space!


We believe in community and teamwork. Painting is an art, and when talented teams come together, we create masterpieces. Our Subcontracting Program aims to make your life easier, ensuring you deliver the best to your customers without the added stress.

Ready to elevate your cabinet painting projects?

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